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Ungasan & KUTUH  is known for…

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How is Ungasan & Kutuh in general?

The southernmost point in Bali

Perched on top of dramatic cliffs, Ungasan and Kutuh are areas in Bali still developing but full of privacy in neighborhoods of luxury resorts and established villas. Safely tucked in the south of Bali, it’s a unique and strategic location being in the centre of the Bukit Peninsula between Uluwatu and Nusa Dua. You’ll find a mix of tourists surfing on Ungasan’s beaches and locals harmoniously living in the area too. Melasti Beach has grown in popularity lately for good reasons.

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Ungasan & Kutuh – Guide & Insights

Staying in Ungasan means living on the edge, the reason the south of Bali is called the Bukit Peninsula is because you’ll find yourself looking towards the Indian Ocean from the top of cliff sides. As other neighborhoods in Bali involve beachfront properties, down south in Ungasan you’ll be staying in utmost privacy to relax as it’s just you and the ocean. Moreover, off the main road in Ungasan, Jl Bali Cliff diverges into two, leading to Melasti beach or Kutuh’s Pandawa beach.

Hotel & Resorts

From affordable homestays to stylish family bungalows, Ungasan is an escape from the busy touristy areas to life by the ocean. You’ll still find private villas and luxurious resorts all the same further inland surrounded by nature. When you’re staying in one of the few resorts in the area, the views from where you’re staying are unbelievable because it’s just water for miles and miles. With rural surroundings around your vacation rental, it’s a complete hideaway in elegance, usually with an open yard for outdoor activities and a long private pool that overlooks the sea.


Restaurants are far and few in between down in Ungasan, warungs are mostly found along the roads towards the beaches, however you’ll find places to eat around the beach areas next to resorts and beach clubs. From fine dining to french cuisine, seafood and local asian restaurants, you will not go hungry on relaxing days and quiet evenings at the beach.

Going Out

Secluded beaches that involve steep stairs, but the trip down to the water is worth every grueling step. You’ll be driving through wide and well developed roads that will lead you down the cliffs. Public beaches are often met by locals, they’ll spend the day laying on beach chairs with an umbrella shade, and even rent canoes. Ungasan centers around the handful of beach clubs in the area that are so popular they are bringing in crowds even from Uluwatu. Melasti beach on the west and Pandawa beach to the east – you’ll come across white sand, clear water, and calmer waves. Green Bowl is a secluded beach surrounded by crystal blue water with strong currents for more experienced surfers, and you have to be fit enough to carry your gear down to the beach as it involves a lot of stairs and walking miles just to get there. The current is powerful enough for a good thrashing, be prepared for a lot of paddling. It can even cover the small beach during high tide, so mind the time of day you’re coming as well as your belongings.


The Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park is also situated in the Jimbaran area, where the iconic landmark depicting the Hindu God Wisnu mounting the mythical Garuda. The monument is 120 meters (400ft) tall, beating the Statue of Liberty in New York. A must-visit that you shouldn’t miss, because you probably couldn’t miss it when flying in or out of Bali. Closer to the beach is the Gunung Payung Cultural Park in Kutuh, it’s a public amphitheater with a viewpoint overlooking the ocean that leads down to the beach. Next to it is where you’ll find the Gunung Payung temple.

One must-do activity in Ungasan is Paragliding, being on the bukit peninsula and atop dramatic cliffs. It seems it would be an opportunity missed if you don’t get to view Bali from a different angle. Starting from Timbis beach in Kutuh, a paragliding tour is a thrilling experience to get a bird’s eye view, worth the adrenaline rush! Other activities you can find in Kutuh is golfing at the Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club for a fine afternoon overlooking the Indian Ocean as you swing to your heart’s content. Speaking of flying, did you know you could ride a helicopter around the south of Bali? Perfect for epic views with your loved ones up in the air.

From experienced surfers to occupied digital nomads, Ungasan is where they run to because of the seclusion and finding new places to work and stay from. Although Ungasan has its fair share of beaches and surf spots, they’re staying in Ungasan and Kutuh as a more affordable place to stay when they surf around Uluwatu in the next neighborhood. The southern bays of Bukit Peninsula are drawing in surfers so you’ll come across more experienced crowds tackling the surf. As for the digital nomads, there isn’t a shortage of this community across Bali, as you can easily spot one wherever you go, even in the small village of Ungasan.

Getting to Ungasan would take a while, since it’s on the southern point of Bali, it’s best to rent a car and a private driver so you can drive down. However if you’re coming to visit from another part of Bali, you most likely are already renting a scooter and getting around is accessible when you’re experienced riding a two-wheeler. However be mindful when visiting secluded beaches, you might have to park a while away before you could get down to the beach.

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