The international Driving License / Permit (IDP) is now Mandatory in Bali if you want to Rent a Scooter or Motorbike

Bali’s administration is determined to get strict with international tourists who rent motorbikes and scooters not following the local rules and regulations.

International Driving License ONLINE
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International Driving License ONLINE

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The international Driving License / Permit

Beside the basic of wearing a helmet and not drive around topless, if you want to rent a scooter you have to carry your national driving license AND and International Driving Permit. If you don’t have an international license  and you can’t or don’t have the time to get one in your home country, don’t worry, you can apply for one here online and get it sent to you a printed copy to your accommodation within a few hours, or sent a digital version per email that is accepted in Indonesia.

International Driving License ONLINE

NEW SERVICE – Get a printed International Driving Permit delivered to you in Bali within hours

if you prefer a printed version and you are already in Bali, now It’s possible to order a printed / booklet IDP and have it delivered within a few hours in Bali by Grab / Gojek transportation service. 

International Driver Association has partnered with a local printing company in Bali, and they can deliver within 3 hours every day of the week from 8am to 9pm.

Once you have placed your order and submitted all information for processing, you will receive a digital version first within minutes, and then within 3 hours the booklet + a creditcard format Driver Permit will be delivered to their hotel or villa. and this is without extra charges.


No problem. Get your international license (accepted in Bali and Indonesia) directly online!

Mandatory in Indonesia

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International Driving License - Driving Permit (IDP) for Bali

FAQ - Must-know about the International Driving License in Bali

Yes, Absolutely.

Everybody who rents a motorized vehicle (motorbike, or scooter sch as Scoopy, Vespa, Honda Vario) etc NEEDS to have not only their national drivers license but ALSO AN INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT.

Your national License is not enough. For driving a scooter up to 150cc the car license is enough, you don’t need a motorbike license for these type of motor scooters.


If you are stopped by the traffic police in Bali, you will usually be required to show your vehicle registration papers (car or motorbike, for example), your national driving license, and your International Driving License.

If you did not bring them along, you most likely will get a fine (could be IDR 300,000 to 500,000 per missing document).

Other offences that could lead to a fine:

  • Not wearing a helmet of course
  • Driving topless without t-shirt
  • Lights not working
  • Driving a vehicle that is not properly registered

The International Driving License is something like an official translation of your national driving license.

In some countries, the government institutions that process the national licenses also provide the international license – usually for a fee.

Governments in other countries have appointed private or semi-private companies to issue international driver licenses (basically an approved translation).

This allows them to provide this “official translation service” for licenses that were not issued in their home country but are held by foreigners.

One of these companies with whom we have worked since a long time and are absolutely trustworthy is our partner from Singapore. You can get apply for your international driving license directly online and very quickly. The police in Bali and Indonesia accept Singapore-issued  documents.

International Driving License ONLINE

You can get an IDP (International Drivers Permit) online – digitally per email, or you can get sent a printed version in Bali:

International Driving License ONLINE

You will have to submit a valid copy of the front and back of your driver’s license for verification. You will also need to upload a passport style photo and your signature. Once your payment for the application has been accepted, our partner in Singapore will process your application.

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For Your Safety, Please…

  • Wear your helmet
  • Carry
    • valid national driving license
    • INTERNATIONAL driving license is mandatory
    • and vehicle documentation
  • Drive slowly and carefully without endangering yourself and others
  • rent only vehicles that comply with the road safety requirements and are properly serviced

You can rent your scooter or motorbike for Bali directly online, best quality, best service. Drive Safely!

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