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Updated Travel Regulations and Requirements for Bali

On this page you will find all you need to know about General Travel Requirements in relation to Customs, Passport Validity, etc. The following FAQ below will guide you through the requirements so you can plan your trip effectively (there are no more mandatory Covid Requirements to fulfil).


Equally important: Visa Regulations  which are related to your passport and citizenship, your length of stay, and your travel purpose

Visa Requirements

Updated travel regulations and requirements for Bali / Indonesia & tips before you arrive 

FAQ - Must Know Before Arriving in Bali

Id you are not a national of the 9 ASEAN countries or Timor Leste, you NEED a Visa to enter Indonesia and Bali. Which Visa depends on your nationality, travel purpose and length of stay. Please click on the button below to check what applies to you.

Bali Visa Requirements


  • Passport, needs to be valid at least 6 months from day of arrival. No exceptions, they will send you back otherwise!
  • The passport needs at least one empty page.
  • The passport must be in good condition. Ripped or very run down passports might get refused. There are travelers who had to be sent back, because of the passport was in bad condition
  • Emergency Passports and Temporary Travel Documents are these days not accepted

Yes. Even if you might not have to show it at the immigration counter. 

  • Return ticket - airlines and also the immigration authorities can insist that you have a return ticket that is within the time-frame of your visa validity, 


  • Fill in the ONLINE Customs declaration Form arriving in Bali:  if you are arriving in Bali you can do it online and SAVE TIME AT THE AIRPORT, fill in the form BEFORE you arrive. This is the link to the online form: E-CD (Electronic Custom Declaration)
  • The form can be filled in 72h before your arrival. Not earlier.
  • After filling in the online form, you will receive a QR code which will be scanned by officers after you have collected your luggage, just before you exit the airport building

Yes. This is now a MANDATORY Requirement

  • Bring your international drivers license (f you wish to rent a scooter). If you don't have one and can't get it in your home country you can get a digital or printed version (delivered in Bali) here from our accredited partner in Singapore:

Order your International Driving License / Driving Permit (IDP) copy online here

Yes. Our partner provides eSIM and Physical SIMcards (can be collected at the airport), which you can order online. Like this you will be able to connect to the internet quickly. 

Get a SIMcard with Internet connection (physical or eSIM). Order Online

If you purchase out Digital Discount Card for Bali, our BaliCard, you will get a FREE 1GB SIMcard for free to test, which you can then top-up as you go.#


A medical travel insurance is not MANDATORY anymore.

But it's advisable to have one. You get one here: medical ravel insurance for Bali / Indonesia and beyond

YES. But not all airlines are back to the full schedule compared to pre-covid.  

And prices have significantly gone up overall.

It can be significantly cheaper, depending on the season you intend to travel.

If you can't get a flight to Bali, or if it is to expensive, you can look into the option to come via Jakarta and then take a domestic flight on the same day to Bali.
Airlines such as Citilink, Batik Air, Air Asia, Lion Air, and Garuda are flying to Bali several times a day. Ticket price one way 50-150USD.

It's good to at least have 3 or 4h difference between your arrival in Jakarta and the next flight to Bali. Because you would have to go through immigration, pick up your luggage and then go to the terminal for to catch your domestic flight. 

Medical Travel Insurance

It's very advisable to have a medical travel insurance, even though it is not mandatory anymore. You can get one usually in your home country or you can check if your credit card company does provide medical coverage when you travel.

If you need a reliable "4-weeks medical insurance" that covers also covid related expenses you can sign up below.

International Travel Insurance / Nomad Insurance / Medical Travel Insurance for 4 weeks or longer. Info, Prices & Signup 

Don't bring more than the equivalent value of IDR 100,000,000 cash into the country (ca. AUD 10,000). 

As of 9th of June, travelers do NOT need to show proof of vaccination anymore. However the Indonesian government "suggests" to be fully vaccinated.

Here is the link to the official statement from the government (in Bahasa Indonesia).

Translated main points of the new regulation:

1. With the enactment of the SE Task Force for Handling COVID-19 No. 1 of 2023, SE Task Force for Handling COVID-19 No. 24 and 25 of 2022 are revoked and declared no longer valid.
2. All document requirements for arrival and domestic travel in the Territory of the Republic of Indonesia which include the obligation to download and use the SATUSEHAT application and show a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine certificate are no longer required.


Regulations can change and some authorities and airlines might be stricter than others in enforcing the regulations, or might not have updated their own regulations. Sometimes airlines even struggle to stay up to date and might ask for documents, that are effectively not necessary anymore. Please make sure to check also your airline's requirements for traveling to Indonesia, just to make sure, the airline does not require more, than what is officially necessary at this point.

Disclaimer: is not representing the government or any official authority in regards to covid-related travel regulations. We are doing our best to keep our visitors up-to-date and provide clear information and only share regulations that have been officially confirmed by the government. However we cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate information and changes in regulations that might occur.

Do I need a B211A Visit Visa?

You need a B211A Visit Visa if

Note: The Visa on Arrival has been upgraded and is now good also for the visit purpose of business meetings, sourcing and purchasing goods, meetings, transit, government duties.

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