Finding a place to live in Bali among a community

Living in modern villas may have its perks, but lodging together with a tight-knit community is even better. Not only does a shared space motivate you to socialize, it also allows you to be able to connect and share ideas with people of different backgrounds you might have never met otherwise. Usually the price you will pay includes regular cleaning services, changing linen and towels, fast internet, and electricity. However, be sure to check the agreements first to understand what might and what might not be included.

What is Co-Living?

Co-living is a community-based concept, where digital nomads and remote workers are living and working together in the same place. Sometimes similar to a boarding house, or a guesthouse and nowadays like a modern hotel with some communal area. Some places are highly customised to the needs of digital nomads providing co-working spaces, a restaurant, meeting rooms and of course a strong and reliable internet connection. 

Private setting: As land and house prices continue to increase, some co-living concepts are arranged by individual nomads who are renting a villa with several bedrooms who sublease these rooms to like-minded people; also called home-sharing.

A selection of the best Co-living Places in Bali

5 Benefits of Living in a Co-Living Space


1. Co-living in a private villa is an affordable option (Home-Sharing)

If you can’t afford housing that would take up most of your budget, privately arranged co-living may be a viable option for you. It is usually less expensive in comparison to renting an accommodation all on your own. Moreover, the owner of the co-living space (usually a villa with several bedrooms) is fully responsible for the upkeep of all the facilities in the house and on the property. 

Take note: There are certain additional expenses that you might have to consider on top of rent. Every property has a unique method of calculating costs; always inquire before renting. 

2. You can find modern and well-equipped facilities for all your needs

A professionally managed and set-up co-living residence can be seen as a small hotel that also offers shared facilities that you can freely use. Most offer a dedicated co-working space, even an attached cafe or restaurant, sometimes a gym or yoga space, a swimming pool, communal kitchen. The residence is designed to help tenants feel comfortable and offers long-stay options, and of course good wifi-speed that is reliable for digital nomads. Daily to weekly cleaning services are usually included, and staff that are able to support your needs whenever you need them.

3. Flexibility & Cash-flow

Renting a place on your own for several months and longer often requires you to pay upfront. Co-living places offer a more flexible way of renting your accommodation starting from weekly rent, monthly, even up to yearly without having to pay upfront.

This caters well to remote workers and digital nomads who travel every now and again, cannot or do not want to plan too far ahead, need flexibility and don’t stay in one place for too long.

4. All is set-up

When you are living in Bali for a longer period, renting a place is of course one of the most important things you need to do first. Co-living spaces come with fully furnished rooms, and the facilities are shared with other tenants and fully equipped. There is no reason to spend extra money on furniture, chinaware, cutleries, bed linen and all the other things anybody needs. Co-living allows you to live a minimalist lifestyle, where unnecessary expenses and financial burdens are greatly reduced. 

5. Community & Networking

Ultimately, living in a co-living space enables you to find a new community providing plenty of opportunities to meet with people of many different backgrounds. It’s an easy way to make friends and it’s not uncommon to find friends for a lifetime. Co-living and co.working places are often deliberately designed so that members can interact, not justas friends but also professionally. It’S very common that members and tenants offer seminars and workshops to share their knowledge and sometimes even to find new partners for start-up and their own projects.  

Co-working in Bali

Over time, Bali is one and for some the hottest destination for digital nomads today. Areas like Canggu, Ubud, and Uluwatu are attracting hundreds if not thousands. Facilities such as co-working spaces have emerged alongside modern cafes with high-speed wifi to cater to this growing populace in Bali.